Open positions

I am looking for motivated students to join my group. An ideal candidate should be interested in security, privacy, applied cryptography. No prior experience in cryptography or security is required. Experience in other areas, including theory, math, database, machine learning, bioinformatics is a plus. If you are interested, send your CV, transcripts, and everything that you believe will help your application in PDF format to

General information:

About my research: Cryptography is more than just hiding information (i.e., encryption). Using cryptography, it is possible to perform a wide range of computations on secret data that cannot be seen. For example, two hospitals may wish to train various models (e.g. classification) on their joint medical database without revealing any information except the output.

The idea of computing on private data is called secure computation which enables distrustful users to jointly evaluate any function on their private inputs without requiring a trusted third party and without revealing anything except the result itself. I am interested in both theoretical and practical aspects of secure computation techniques. More concretely, my recent research focuses on: