About me

I am an Assistant Professor of computer science at Arizona State University. My research interests are in the area of cryptography and security, with a specific focus on secure computation and its applications such as private set intersection, private database queries, and privacy-preserving machine learning.

Before joining ASU, I was a postdoc at UC Berkeley under the mentorship of Prof. Dawn Song. I received my PhD and Master’s degrees from Oregon State University under the supervision of Prof. Mike Rosulek (big shout-out to Mike, who brought me to the field of crypto!). During my graduate studies, I spent several summers as a research intern at Bell Labs, Visa Research, and Google. I got a B.S. degree from St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

I am looking for motivated students of all levels, postdocs, and visitors to join my group! If you are interested, please click here for more information.